DeVry University’s Student Portal – Guide 2023

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DeVry University’s student portal is an online platform designed to provide students with easy access to important resources and tools related to their studies. Through the portal, students can view their schedules, grades, and transcripts; communicate with instructors and classmates; and access course materials, such as lectures, readings, and assignments.

One of the main features of the DeVry student portal is the course management system, which allows students to view their course schedules, access course materials, submit assignments, and view grades and feedback. This system is integrated with the university’s learning management system (LMS), which is used to deliver course content and facilitate online learning.

The student portal also includes a messaging system that allows students to communicate with their instructors and classmates. This feature is particularly useful for online students, who may not have the opportunity to interact with their peers and instructors in person.

In addition to these core features, the DeVry student portal offers a number of resources and tools to help students succeed in their studies. These include access to academic advisors, career services, and financial aid resources, as well as a range of study materials, including textbooks, ebooks, and online tutoring services.

Overall, the DeVry student portal is a vital resource for students, providing them with the information and support they need to succeed in their studies. Whether you are a traditional or online student, the portal is an essential tool for staying connected to your courses and your academic community.

What is DeVry University’s

DeVry University is a private, for-profit higher education institution that offers a variety of degree programmes in fields such as business, technology, healthcare, and more. As a student at DeVry, you may have access to a student portal, which is a secure online platform that provides access to a range of resources and services for students.

Through the student portal, you may be able to view your class schedule, access course materials and assignments, communicate with your professors and classmates, check your grades, and more. The student portal is typically accessible through a web browser by logging in with your unique username and password. If you are a DeVry student and need help getting into the student portal or have questions about how to use it, you can ask for help from the university’s student support services.

DeVry Student Portal

How To Login DeVry Student Portal

As a student at DeVry University, the DeVry Student Portal will serve as your main point of access. In the student site, look under “courses” to find your lecture.

Below, you’ll find links to some extra materials that might be of use to you:


Step 1: Please sign in to the DeVry Student Portal.


Step 2: Internet Explorer 9 or later, or another supported browser (we recommend Chrome; if you prefer another browser, let us know in the comments) is required for use at DeVry University. Please clear your browser’s cache and history and try again if you are using a supported browser but still can’t access the DeVry Portal. Most issues should now be resolved.
Step 3 (Forget Passwords ) – Some passwords can be reset via the web if you’ve forgotten yours. To reset your password, visit the login page for My DeVry using the instructions provided in the “Forgot your password?” section. Your DeVry student password can be updated with the help of the system.
In regards to your DeVry student login and password, please remember the following guidelines:

In order to change your password, you must do the following:

a) It cannot be one of the five most recently used passwords.

If your password includes either your first or last name, it will not be secure.

c) The length of your new password must be between 8 and 32 characters.

d) Each of the following must appear once in your new password:

1) Lowercase letters

2) Uppercase letters

3) Numeric digits


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