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Protecting your future is a major step and decision, so you should be sure you’ve thought of everything. This post will provide you a glimpse into the DeVry Student Portal 2023 future so you can make a well-informed choice about which option is best for you. If you’re a student seeking for additional information about your possibilities, this article is a wonderful place to start. It’s packed with useful details about the technology and how it can benefit you in the future.

What is DeVry Student Portal

For students at DeVry University, thePortal is an online hub that serves as a gateway to a wealth of useful information and services. Access your course schedule, grades, and aid information here. Accessing online library services, submitting requests for assistance, and locating relevant campus contact information are all possible through the portal. The portal is accessible whenever there is an internet connection, making it easy to keep up with coursework from any location.

The DeVry Portal is your primary entry point as a DeVry University student. To locate your lecture, navigate to the “courses” section of the student site.

Links to some supplementary materials that might be helpful to you are provided below:

  • Access the Student Portal by first logging in.
  • To access, go to
  • Second, you must be using Internet Explorer 9 or a later version, or another compatible browser (we recommend Chrome; if you prefer another browser, let us know in the comments). If you are using a supported browser and are still unable to access the DeVry Portal, please delete the browser’s cache and history and try again. All problems should be fixed at this point.
  • Method Three: Forget Your Passwords If you have forgotten your password but have access to the internet, you can reset it there. Following the steps outlined in the “Forgot your password?” section of the My DeVry login page, you can easily change your password. You can use the system to change your DeVry student password at any time.
    Please keep in mind the following guidelines when using your DeVry student login and password:
    The steps below will walk you through updating your password:

As a general rule:

a) It can’t be one of the last five passwords you’ve used.

Your password is not secure if it contains your first or last name.

c) Your new password needs to be between 8 and 32 characters long.

d) Include at least one of the following in your new password:

Uppercase letters

Lowercase letters

3-Digit numerical value

DeVry Student Portal

DeVry Help Desk

4) If you’re experiencing difficulties logging in after resetting your password, you can speak with a representative in real time by clicking the “chat now” link next to the login form or calling the toll-free number (877) 784-1997 and selecting option 1.

Technical help is available Monday through Thursday until 10:00 p.m. and Friday and Saturday until 9:00 p.m. (Central time zone), and Sunday is always open (Central time zone).

These guidelines are for both the DeVry and Keller Graduate School Portals, so please read them carefully (

What You Will See on the Dashboard

The DeVry University student portal serves as the hub for all online interaction and communication between students and faculty. The site’s layout is straightforward, and the most frequently used functions and tools are all just a click away.

After logging in, you’ll be sent to your dashboard, where you can see a summary of your account as well as notifications about impending deadlines, messages from teachers, and more. The dashboard is also where you’ll find links to your classes, grades, financial aid details, and other useful campus resources.

Navigating through the Resources/My Profile Tab’s

To get started with the DeVry Student Portal, navigate to the “Resources/My Profile” section. In this section, you’ll get quick access to important student data like your personal profile, course schedule, and financial aid packages.

After logging into the DeVry Student Portal, select the “Resources/My Profile” button located in the navigation bar. This page is your gateway to all the information you’ll require during your time as a student.

Your name, address, and other contact info are all included in your profile. Your security questions and password can be modified. Contact the Office of Student Affairs if you have any issues or would like to edit your profile.

The “Resources/My Profile” section also contains information about your academic history. Your timetable, grades, degree progress report, and transcript can all be found here. Please see your Academic Advisor if you have any inquiries regarding your academic records.

Financial assistance information for DeVry University can be found by clicking the “Financial Aid” link under the “Resources/My Profile” menu. Learn more about the many forms of financial help, the application process, and money management here. Leave a question in the comments if you need clarification.


Visiting the Site

If you are currently enrolled at DeVry or are considering enrolling there, the first thing you need do is log in to the DeVry student login. Everything a student may possibly require in the way of academic materials is made available here.

The site is user-friendly and includes a plethora of useful resources, such as your course schedule, grades, financial aid details, and campus news. You’ll also be able to check your student email and locate links to relevant online resources.

For help if you can’t log into the site, check out the Frequently Asked Questions. You should contact the IT Help Desk if you continue to have trouble logging in.

Keller Student Portal

Those enrolled at the Keller Graduate School of Management have access to a variety of online tools and services via the Keller Student Portal. Course materials, syllabi, grade reports, and funding details are all examples of what may fall under this category. The portal also serves as a means of communication between teachers and students, and provides access to virtual library materials. Depending on the school or programme you’re enrolled in, the Keller Student Portal may have different features and functions from those described here.

Phone Number

(630) 428-9086

Finance Phone Number

Contact a Student Support Advisor at 877-496-9050 or drop by their office on campus whenever it’s convenient. Your advisor will go over your financial strategy with you.

Central Phone Number


Human Resources Phone Number & Email Id

800-323-4256 and E-Mail:

Registrar Office & Customer Service Number




In order to log in to the DeVry Portal, you will need your Student ID number and your password. Once you have these, simply go to the login page and enter them into the appropriate fields. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link on the login page that will allow you to reset it.

If you are having difficulty logging in, or if you have any other questions about the site, please contact the DeVry Help Desk at 1-866-338-7934.

Canvas login

Current DeVry University students, please log in below. Sign in to view your class schedule, current grade, and more.

Online Student Services Number

This is the student service number – 877-496-9050

Student Portal App

Current DeVry University students, please log in below. Sign in to view your class schedule, current grade, and more.




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